A collection of resources organized by topic.


La Leche League International
Kelly Mom
The Badass Breastfeeder

Circumcision & Intact Care

The WHOLE Network
Saving Our Sons
Intact America
Jews Against Circumcision
National Organization of Circumcision Information Resource Centers (NOCIRC)
The Intactivism Pages

What is lost due to circumcision?
Myths about Circumcision You Likely Believe
50 Reasons to Leave It Alone
Only 1 in 16,667 will need circumcision for medical reasons
Basic Care of the Intact Child
Proper Care of the Intact Penis (From Baby to Teenager)
Functions of the Foreskin: Purposes of the Prepuce (not safe for work)
Study Confirms Male Circumcision is Genital Mutilation
The Phony Phimosis Diagnosis

Penn & Teller – Bullshit – Circumcision
Dr. Dean Edell: AIDS Circumcision Fallacy
Dr. Bob Sears on Circumcision

Sleep Training | Cry It Out (CIO) | Alternatives | Cosleeping

Dangers of “Crying It Out” (Damaging children and their relationships for the longterm.)
Science Says: Excessive Crying Could Be Harmful (Dr. Sears)
The Case Against Ferber Sleep Training
How to Co Sleep Safely With Your Baby
Normal Infant Sleep: Changing Patterns
Normal Infant Sleep: Night Nursing’s Importance
Mother-Baby Sleep Experts Offer Tips for Soothing Crying Babies, Giving Exhausted Mothers Alternatives to Crying It Out
Five Benefits to Cosleeping Past Infancy

Cloth Diapering

How to fold a prefold diaper (video)
Cloth diaper glossary (bookmark me!)
How to choose the right cloth diapers for my family

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