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A Gentle Parent’s Guide to Sleep

I needed a gentle way to help him rest. I didn’t want to do any crying or any ‘training’ as such. I spent a long time wondering, is this even possible? I spent hours trawling through blogs and sleep help books, all telling me to be gentle and not let him cry-it-out (CIO), but none actually giving me solutions.

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APW Turns 2!

And if I was feeling on the outs in my own community, maybe others were too? That’s when I told her about an idea for a community especially for parents who have to work or go to school and are trying to raise their children with attachment parenting. This would be our safe place and I would call it Attached Parents at Work.

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New to Attached Parents at Work?

Everything shared here is in the spirit of education and part of my personal parenting journey. I am a gentle advocate and never post information intended to shame. I strive to model the behavior I ask of my children in all aspects of my life, including my interactions with other parents on Attached Parents at Work. Please know that if/when you see possible trigger topics here.

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