Attached Parents at Work

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When it’s time to retire a pair of my son’s shoes I think about what we did together in those shoes. Did we stomp enough puddles? Take plenty of walks together holding hands and exploring? Did I say “yes” to…

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Attachment Parenting After the 7 Baby B’s

I have always wondered how attachment parenting evolves after the babywearing and breastfeeding years. Maybe this is it? Sweet moments when he checks in with me for just a little reassurance by reaching for my hand. Planning and preparing for our next adventure together. And leaving Mom in the dust when he’s ready to go it alone, knowing she’ll stumble by soon enough.

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APW Turns 2!

And if I was feeling on the outs in my own community, maybe others were too? That’s when I told her about an idea for a community especially for parents who have to work or go to school and are trying to raise their children with attachment parenting. This would be our safe place and I would call it Attached Parents at Work.

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New to Attached Parents at Work?

Everything shared here is in the spirit of education and part of my personal parenting journey. I am a gentle advocate and never post information intended to shame. I strive to model the behavior I ask of my children in all aspects of my life, including my interactions with other parents on Attached Parents at Work. Please know that if/when you see possible trigger topics here.

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