Welcome to our new home

Attached Parents at Work is a community dedicated to attachment parenting, positive discipline and nonviolent communication. Anyone wishing to join us in our journey is welcome here, but this is also a safe place for parents who work, go to school or are apart from their children for any reason.

This community advocates for the respect and equal rights of children. As such we are dedicated to educating parents about nonviolent communication, bodily and genital autonomy.

Please join our active community on Facebook. Visit our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter or talk privately with other members of our community in our private group.

The Attached Parents at Work blog is a compilation of original work written by myself, Jen Bussey, as well as many of the members of our community.  I felt like it is important for the blog to be representative of our village, not just the world according to Jen.  There are so many walks of life that make up our beautiful community that I want there to be something that everyone can find relevant here.

Check out the author’s name at the top of each article.  If you have a favorite you’d like to see more from, please let me know via email or leave a comment on the article.  Click here to subscribe.

2 Comments on “Welcome to our new home

  1. I was searching gentle parenting resources and am so excited to find y’all on WP! 😀 I am a long time follower on FB and really enjoy your parenting tips, advice and journeys. I’m glad to find another way to connect! Hugs and loves, Casi

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