Attachment Parenting After the 7 Baby B’s

Since October I’ve been using my lunch break every Wednesday to sneak over to my 6 yr old’s school for his running club practice. All of that practice was to prepare the kids (and some parents) for a community 5k. Today was the big day! He held my hand as we navigated the crowded race start. Then at the end he took off all by himself, left me in his dust and made crossing the finish line look easy. I stumbled over it 31 seconds later lol. Later he told me this was the best day of his life (aww!) and can’t wait to do it again… with me!

I have always wondered how attachment parenting evolves after the babywearing and breastfeeding years. Maybe this is it? Sweet moments when he checks in with me for just a little reassurance by reaching for my hand. Planning and preparing for our next adventure together. And leaving Mom in the dust when he’s ready to go it alone, knowing she’ll stumble by soon enough.

I cannot wait to do it again, but now I need to go soak my 30-something tired muscles in a bath!



One Comment on “Attachment Parenting After the 7 Baby B’s

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